Quiz Time - Sports nutrition

Let’s test your knowledge about sports nutrition. Dare to participate, it’s a tough one.
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Good luck!


The carb-intake should be adapted to your physical activity. On a rest day the carb-intake of a sporter should be around:

The most important amino acid for muscle recovery and muscle building is:

Which statement(s) is (are) correct?

To perform well it is important that the glycogen stores are full. Low muscle and liver glycogen stores may result in early onset of fatigue during exercise. Next to providing protein for the muscle recover, replenishing the store with carbs as soon as possible after exercices is therefore also very important for a good recovery. Which recovery meals or snacks are good after a hard training?

Proteins are the building material for the muscles. To make sure the muscles get a protein stimulus, the sporter should...

Muscle cramps are common with sporters, especially towards the end of a competition in hot conditions and in overtime. The cramps can be caused by dehydration and sodium deficit, depleted glycogen store, overtraining... Which strategies can NOT help with the prevention?

How many carbs an te body digest per hour?

The body contains about 500g carbohydrates when the glycogen storage is well-stocked. This is enough for:

Training high means:

Which meal(s) is (are) the best sport meals to take before an intensive training?

Which statement(s) is (are) correct?

Isotonic sport drinks are the best choice to hydrate your body when the training is more than 1.5 hour. Next to carbohydrates, it also contains elektrolytes to manage the sodium loss in sweat. How many sugar does an isotonic sport drink contain?


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